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Participate in unique members only training, both in person and virtually, designed to increase knowledge and confidence as an HBCU style performance coach of any level. Whether you have coached for years are looking to enter the coaching field, we will have training for all levels. 


Networking opportunities on all levels will be provided. High School, Community Team, Studio and Collegiate coaches will have opportunities to share with one another. We will also provide networking opportunities outside of the HBCU Performance genre for those looking to propel their performers to different experiences, e.g. industry, professional cheer and dance, Corp Style and others. 


We feel that the outstanding work in our unique environment should be elevated, recognized and celebrated. We want to highlight our trailblazers while educating on our history. We want to identify and train our future leaders. 


We will support our members and communities via our targeted initiatives (professional development, excellence in performance, mental health awareness, scholastic support and community involvement) which we believe are the pillars that support our mission. We will provide scholastic support to HBCU Performance team members and other team members in the HBCU genre (High School, Community) through the establishment of scholarships and grants that assist young performers with school necessities, etc. Will also provide grants that allow our performers to engage in advanced training  and related activities in their local communities.

2023 HBCUADD Honorees




Brian L. Williams of Tampa, FL is a well-known dancer, choreographer, instructor and coach of young dancers. He's known for his role as Director of the iconic Bubblin' Brown Sugar Dance Line at Morris Brown College who was featured in the movie Drumline. For many years he was the Director of the Champagne Dancers of South Carolina State University. His accomplishments are many:


Keelia Brown of Charlotte, NC, is the founder of HBCU Dance Corp, a non-profit organization that supports the successful matriculation of young ladies who participate in the art and sport of dance at HBCU schools through scholarships, dance training, sponsorships, annual awards and online tools. She is our 2022 HBCUADD Trailblazer!



“I've always wanted a space where HBCU Coaches can discuss anything related to what we do.”

Langston University Director

Raniesha Franklin


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