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Charter Members

The HBCU Auxiliary and Dance Director’s Association serves as a professional network and resource hub for directors and leaders within historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) focused on dance programs and auxiliary units. The charter members represent a diverse group of individuals committed to the advancement and enrichment of dance education and auxiliary programs within HBCUs.


College / Universities

Tiffani Davis - Edward Waters College 

Lauren Henry - South Carolina State University

Eddie Morris - South Carolina State University

Vedette Spellman - Norfolk State University

Bridgette Williams - Alabama State University

Stephanie Magruder - Winston Salem State University

Shawn Zachery - Prairie View A&M University

Rae Coleman - Morehouse/Spelman College, Westlake High School

Briana Spence - Morehouse College/Spelman College

Sherika Williams - Virginia State University

Raneisha Franklin - Langston University


High Schools

Ashley DaLaina - Auxiliary Dance Alliance and Carver High School 

Veneshia Stribling -  Westwood High School 

Katherine Callahan - Tri-Cities High School

Kelvin Gardner - Maynard Jackson High School


Community Team

Kiki Hunter Feu et la Glace, Inc./Fire and Ice Squad, In

Denisea Woodard - Rising Stars Academy of Dance - Houston



Raymond Browman - Supporter

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